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Our mission is to change the mindset around debt collection.

How we do it

Debt Collection made simple

Do friendly debt collectors exist? Wait ’till you meet our team.

We don’t believe in an authoritative voice on the other side of the line approach and most of all, the lack of empathy towards the customer.

Our Specialties

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Financial Institutions



Real Estate



Our Debt Collection model

Our success formula is as a result of: right customer + right agent + right channel + right message + right time + right settlement plan

Probability to Pay

We predict the probability of receiving payment from a customer through the use of historical data.



We provide a multi-channel digital experience so as to maximize recovery through the right channel.


Preferred Time to Call

We use past data to determine the best time to call so as to reduce call attempts.

payment plan management

We leverage on historical data to determine an average of how much a customer is able to pay and hence guide our agents on the best payment plan to offer customers.

Collection Agent

A customer has to be matched with the right agent and this is done through insights from past performance to determine which accounts have yielded the highest performance.


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